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Spirit Of Twilight

Simply Magical

Eco Friendly Artisan Candles, Apparel, and Handmade .925 Sterling Silver and Raw Copper Jewelry. 

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Luxurious and Eco Friendly Candles Made With You in Mind

Blurry Lights

our candle Collection

With many months of research and finding the perfect elements and formula for my candles, I bring to you the Spirit Of Twilight Candle Collection. 

The Spirit Of Twilight Candle Collection is made without parabens, phthalates, or Prop 65 ingredients. We also use Eco-friendly approved scents and non-toxic dyes to make our products.

This makes our brand safe to burn indoors around pets and children. Enjoy the scent. Breathe easy.

With over 65 hours of enjoyment, you can be sure that the quality and consistency of our products deliver, giving you a luxurious unmatched experience.

Spirit of TwilightCandle Collection

Let the fragrance capture your senses

Breathe Deep and Close Your Eyes

Sit Back And Relax

Let Go of Your Anxiety

Let Your Mind Wander

Handmade Jewelry

Crystal Salt

How Our Jewelry Is Made

Image by Dan Farrell
Crystal Salt

In 2018 I started taking my skills of macrame, that I learned from my Mom way back when I was kid, into wire wrapping stones to make simple jewelry. Back then, I was purchasing inexpensive colored wire from Michaels and tumbled stones on Amazon.

As I posted these creations on social media, I gained feedback of how much these very simple designs at the time were appreciated by friends and family.

So I started to sell my creations at small local events, and my talents grew as I experimented with new techniques, applied different mediums of wire to my creations, and started hand selecting stones from a local and ethical supplier.

Shortly after, I decided to start working with .925 Sterling Silver and Raw Copper wire from Rio Grande to offer upscale and intricate jewelry designs, which can take anywhere from hours to a couple of days to finish.

To learn more about the process, visit my YouTube Channel

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